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As you may or may not realise, things have been a bit quiet around Frenchified of late. You can blame the Dutch for that. I won a competition to go to Blog08, a bloggers’ conference in Amsterdam, through vowing to wear Big, Wooden, Netherlandish clogs all day long if I won. Apparently, that was funny, so I won and jetted off to the land of wooden shoes to learn what I could about blogging. As part of my competition pledge I also had to set up Clogblogger, a site devoted to clogs. That meant no time for Frenchified.

One of the great things about going to Blog08 was meeting new people. One new acquaintance, Natasha Cloutier, hails from Canada but has lived in the Netherlands for some time. As you can probably tell from her name, Natasha lived in the francophone part of Canada, and therefore has a passion for French language and culture, especially French music.

Natasha’s site, Oh La La, concentrates on French sounds from the 50s right up to present day. She even creates downloadable podcasts with some of her latest favourites, so if you feel like Frenchifying your MP3 player, tune in to Radio Oh La La and tap your feet to everything from classic Gainsbourg croons through to the retro beat of César et ses Romains. Enjoy.


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